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Calgary Construction Jobs

Welcome to Calgary Construction Jobs. Once this website is completed our goal is for it to be the number one resource for those seeking construction jobs in Calgary.

  1. Drywaller
  2. Roofer
  3. Bull dozer driver
  4. Crane Operator
  5. Flagger
  6. Scraper Operator
  7. Heavy Duty Mechanic
  8. Earth Works Foreman
  9. Heavy Duty Equipment (trucks and construction machines) Technician
  10. Rock Truck Driver
  11. Construction Site Superintendent
  12. General Labourer
  13. Excavator Operator
  14. Pipelayer (Residential Underground Construction)
  15. Construction Project Manager
  16. Safety Supervisor
  17. Back hoe operator
  18. and many more.

Calgary Construction Companies

For the past few years, Calgary has been the Canadian leader in construction activity. Here are a few of the leading construction companies in Calgary. It would be worth your time to visit their websites directly for job listings:

Calgary Transport Companies – For transport companies and finding a job as a driver, one of the best companies in Canada to work for is Borger Group Ltd. Borger is the leader here in Calgary for earthworks, underground, transport, and general contracting.

Borger’s Google Map Page is at Calgary Construction Companies. Their Google+ Page is at Calgary Underground Construction.

Calgary’s Borger Earthworks Closes the Gender Gap in Construction

Calgary Roof Repair – One thing about trades in Calgary is that the best skilled are always in demand – for the last 10 years at least. The general public may have many construction needs and so it is not just the large construction companies in need of skilled workers. Roofing, fencing, deck construction, and home renovations are all areas where a skilled carpenter can find work in Canada. There are contractors in Calgary who list ads for residential home improvements charging $150 per hour! See where the Roofing Company Calgary is located here.

A good outfit in Calgary to get in touch with is PDQ Roofing. If you are a skilled roofer let them know who you are and when they current crews are maxed-out you can probably get on some of their projects.

PDQ’s Google + Page is at Roofing Companies Calgary.

For high-quality flooring, visit Lethbridge Renovation. They will provide high-quality products at an affordable price, leaving you very satisfied with the results and a long-lasting floor.

To invest in Calgary’s exempt market, or to get involved in private equity investments, visit Exempt Marker Dealers Calgary. They will assist you in investing your money into new and unique markets.

So, you have made the decision to build a home. And you are thinking what next? What can I do to make my home stand out amongst the rest? One way to do that is to consider the exterior of the house. After all, the exterior of our house speaks personality especially by the materials used and it would be a great way to make your neighbors envious.
Do your research, we have a list of things to consider when deciding the exterior of your home:

  • Look around the neighborhood you have intentions in building your home to see the colours that already exist. Though you may be eager to start choosing colours, textures, tiles, and roofing options. It would be good to check if you live in a homeowners’ association. What this means is, they have the right to approve or disapprove some of the ideas you would like to be done with your home.
  • Consider the landscape, by taking environmental queues this a good way to know what you want to do with your home. Some of the colours maybe dictated by your location such as choosing earth tone colours.
  • Roofing is important, the combination between the exterior and the roof should harmonize creating consistency between the two. Before choosing the roof, you must decide what appearance you want your house to have.
  • Consider quality over price, this in the very least should be important. With Canada’s four seasons, a house can a take a serious beating due to the weather. Choose only the best as this will ensure your exterior is done with quality products and the maintenance will be minimal over the years.

Calgary Construction Jobs 101

Learn about Construction Career Opportunities

The Construction Project Manager

Calgary COnstruction Project Manager
A Construction Project Manager in a construction site is believed to be a professional in the area of project management. It is the responsibility of a construction project manager to execute, close and plans a project that is related to a construction site. The manager is the person that is expected to help the company in bringing out the best in the workers with a clear and easy to understand plan in a site. The major project management role is to make every work attainable in a project, manage limitation and project requirement. The limitation of a construction site can be quality, scope, cost and time which is what a manager should be able to handle effectively.

A construction project manager is the person who represents a construction company and would have to implement and determine the exact needs of a construction client, this is based on the knowledge and understanding of the company that there are represented in Canada. He or she is the bridge that is seen between a client and the construction team. There is need to have a good knowledge of the construction company that the manager is working to make sure that he or she does not have difficulty in projecting the construction company well.

A construction project manager is responsible for ensuring that everything is conducted in a manner that loss of revenue is curbed, profit is maximized and work is effective. There is no type of construction work that a manager is not involved. It is the responsibility of the manager to oversee every aspect of the construction. This position requires that the manager has at least a degree and this may be an engineering degree. Some construction companies depend for years of experience before they can employ this manger. The average salary of a manager can be more than $84,000 and the salary varies according to provinces and even cities.

The Work Of A Crane Operator In Construction Work

Calgary Crain Operator Jobs
When it comes to the operation of a crane, a lot of fields where different cranes are used for different purposes are looked into in Canada. The work of a crane operator is vast which is the reason why a person who is going to have a good knowledge of how to make use of the machine and to understand the function of the different machines before operating. There is the truck mounted crane, the self-propelled and even the ones that the engineers can assemble before they work on some specific places during construction. There are cranes that are moved from one construction site to another while some are going to be fixed permanently on the site. For a crane operator to work effectively, it is expected that the operator has gotten a diploma in high school and at least receive some specialized training before he can mount on a crane. The specialized training for a crane operator differs from one state in Canada to another.

It is important that a crane operator check the licensing and qualifications procedures in his state before applying for a particular job. It is expected that the people who want to operate a crane should have known about the different machines and how they can be put into different uses in areas like manufacturing aside construction works. A lot of crane operators get more jobs during the summer in Canada rather than in the winter. An operator must be able to work in any type of weather condition and must learn how to sit for a long time.

The Canadian national occupation classification code (NOC) has 7371 for crane operators. The average wages that are earned in Canada differs and places like Alberta or Edmonton can pay as much as $32.92 per hour while an annual salary can run up to $62,000.

The Work of a Roofer in Calgary

Calgary Roofer Jobs
A roofer can be called a roof mechanic who is a construction worker that is trained to specialize in different roof construction. The job details of a roof is to inspect the problems on a roof and to determine how to repair them, measure the roof to make calculation of the quantities of materials that are needed, replace rotting or damaged plywood, make installation of layers of shingles, metal, asphalt and other materials, align the roofing materials and even cover expose screw heads to stop leakage. It is expected that a roofer should have a very good knowledge about carpentry.

There are different types of roofers who work in Canada. The first is the shingles who are responsible for the installation of tiles, shakes, shingles and other types of materials. The metal roofers are the ones who concentrate on the metal panels. There are the flat roofers who are responsible for the taking care of foam roofs. Finally, there is hot roofers who take care of any tar based material. In Canada, the exact duties and job titles vary in the occupation which gives the roofers names such as gravel roofer, single-ply roofer, tar and roof tiller and shingle. In cities like Montreal, roofers can earn up to at $29.61 per hour. In a year, roofers can earn up to $50,000 per year depending on the region that the person is working.

The training of the job involves the experienced worker teaching the new worker on how to handle machines, equipment, roofing tools, and materials. The apprenticeship period can last for three years before the person can be certified to work with little or no supervision. The minimum age for a roofer is 18 and it is expected that the person has a high school diploma or its equivalent and also the person must be able to work physically.

The Work of Bulldozer Operator In Construction Work

Driving a bulldozer in a construction site is not what someone wakes up and starts doing in Canada. It requires practice- a lot of practice because it is a heavy equipment work. The average wage for bulldozer operators in Canada is C$24.70 per hour. This payment is subject to change over the years; however there is no big increase on the pay after additional skill or experience is gathered. A bulldozer operator has great career prospects like every other heavy equipment operator in private and public construction. Science, math and vocational courses are required to ensure that an operator works effectively as an operator. There are training programs that are required before one can be an operator of bulldozer. When these trainings are concluded, it is expected that the person meets a certification standard and then there is need for a driver’s license according to state’s regulations.

There are stages for apprenticeships; the first stage involves looking for a heavy equipment apprenticeship program. This varies from one state to another and it is through unions that you can get through this state. The second stage is when you apply to be accepted into the program and you are able to complete the program under the supervision of an operator who is experienced. Finally, it is expected that you complete up to 2,000 hours of job training that you would be paid and there is a 144 hours that you must complete during your apprenticeship in your coursework yearly.

A bulldozer operator can work in a lot of fields including the military where they are required in large amount. This is the reason why a bulldozer operator is not going to have challenge looking for a job in Canada. It has become a work that even the ladies are joining because of how lucrative that the job has become.

Bossi Construction

Every home, hotel and office building are architecturally designed to serve a purpose and meet the needs of the individuals who will eventually inhabit them. When a building is being designed, it is important to remember the function of the building and imagine how people will behave in that environment. For example when a hotel is being designed, the builders need to maximize space to create rooms and hallways in order to meet the needs of the building owners. However, if an office is being designed, the builders will want to provide open space so that the owners can decide what type of office space they want to have. Therefore, the design of a building is just as important as the actual construction of the structure.
When looking for a construction company, it is important to keep in mind that each company is different. Some construction companies do all the work themselves, find the materials and complete the job from start to finish. Other companies will take on a project and contract parts of the job to other companies. This often happens if the company is not an expert in the area or the job is simply too large for their company. Either way, both types of companies can get the job done, it just depends on your preference. When researching construction companies, make sure to ask them about their scope of work, previous projects and specific questions about your particular project. Any company should be able to tell you exactly what they can and cannot do before the job is assigned.

Calgary General Contractor, Bossi Construction, is a local construction company here in Calgary that specializes in professional construction management and retail development. Recently, our focus has been on office redevelopment and hotel construction. Our company takes pride in completing a job from start to finish by understanding the initial concept, gathering all necessary materials and seeing the project through to completion. Our clients’ needs are our priority, so each project is designed with high-quality materials within a predetermined budget. At Bossi Construction, we strive to provide the services for your entire construction project with highest quality materials.

Komplete Design Build

When a land owner decides to build a new structure, there are many factors that need to be considered. The purpose of the building is often a key decider for projects. The building needs to be designed with a function in mind so that it meets the needs of the owner. If the building is going to be used as storage or a warehouse for example, a simpler design could be used than if it was going to be office space or condos. Another important factor to consider is the timeframe of the project. If the landowner wants something done quickly, he or she will often choose a design that is simple and easy to construct. If the company has more time and money to spend, more thought may go into the design process. There is an option that combines high-quality materials and a short timeframe that most landowners are unaware of.

Design build is a type of construction that includes both the design and construction services in one system. Often, design build contractors use pre-engineered materials to design and create a new building in a shorter timeframe than regular construction. Using this method allows the companies to ask the land owner what type of building he wants and then design it using the pre-engineered materials. This project management system allows one company to control all aspects of the building and design it exactly according to the owner’s needs.
Calgary Design Build company, Komplete Design-Build, is a local Calgary-based construction company that specializes in integrated design in pre-engineered buildings. We focus on providing the highest quality material in a shorter time frame than regular construction. Design build construction is an enhanced method for project delivery and it allows us to provide you with a completed project more quickly. This type of project includes the procurement of both the package and the design. Choosing Komplete Design Build for your project can lead to a finished project sooner than regular construction while still maintaining a high standard of quality.

Kontinental Developments

Construction companies often start small with residential projects and small commercial builds. Once these projects are completed, the company begins to build a portfolio of their work and create a stronger brand. These companies continue grow and they start understand local building needs when it comes to land development. Once the company is experienced and has the right qualifications, most construction companies strive to invest in property and develop land in ways that they see as profitable to sell to property purchasers or rent out to companies. However, land can be quite expensive to acquire so they often look for property investors.
Property investment is very common for larger companies or wealthy individuals who are looking to diversify their portfolio. Investing in property before it is developed can have huge potential profits depending on location, local needs, companies interested, etc. With the right amount of investment, construction companies can develop the land and sell it back to interested parties or rent out space to businesses at a profit.

Canadian Real Estate Investments and Development company, Kontinental Developments, is an investment company that focuses on real estate property in both Canada and the United States. Our highly trained team seeks out property with potential for acquisition and disposition, risk management, financing, re-allocation/refurbishment/redevelopment, leasing, asset management, tax structuring and financial/investor reporting. We target specific properties that offer opportunities for not only innovative development but also active concept management. Currently, we are interested in commercial, storage, purpose-built beds and recreational development opportunities in Canada and the United States. We are interested in investing in properties that have potential for innovative land development and benefit the surround community.

Ezy Bloq

Throughout the past few years, work lifestyles have radically changed. Lots of people travel around for work so often they need places to stay other than their main home. Other people like to travel south for the winter or have a second place that they spend lots of time in due to family or vacation. For these individuals, a second home would make their lives easier but it might not fit into their budget since being a homeowner can be very expensive. Modular homes are an affordable living option for those who are considering new living accommodations.
Modular homes are a unique new way of living. These buildings are put together with speed and cost a fraction of what building a brand new home with all the amenities would be. Modular homes can be simple or they can be upgraded to include special features unique to your design. They are a great option for affordable housing, second homes, or community living such as colleges and universities.

Calgary Modular Construction Company, EzyBloq, is a collaboration among international architects and professionals who have a desire to transform the way we live. Our team specializes in redesigning shipping containers into new residential homes, condos or commercial buildings while working towards sustainable living. With a bit of creativity and architectural design, shipping containers as the average person imagines can be turned into beautiful homes with glass walls, offices with hardwood floors or condos that easily stack together. These buildings are completely customizable and our team will provide you with the best possible materials whether you choose a basic or upgraded design. With over 50 years of experience, our team will help you build a home exactly the way you want it in a way that will fit with your design, your neighborhood and your environment. EzyBloq strives to change the mold for residential and commercial design into affordable and adaptable living spaces.

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Marc Bombenon is the founder and Business Advisor of SureCall CC Ltd. Marc has been involved in many business development in Calgary.


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