The Backhoe Operator


On construction sites, the back hoe operator’s job involves making use of this heavy equipment to dig holes and trenches. It is expected that a backhoe operator has knowledge, skill and an understanding of the back hoe. This is a construction job that has its learning centered on staying behind the machine’s wheel and controlling it. It is necessary to undergo a lot of training to help the person stay focused and understand the project. The work of a back hoe operator is expected to be safe when performing and is overseen by the the safety operator, who ensures that the completion of the project is achieved safely. The safety precautions set out by the safety operator are expected to be followed by everyone on site.


There is a safety manual that outlines every standard for the trenching and excavating of a site that a back hoe operator would perform. During the recruitment of back hoe operators, there are criteria that must be met, such as knowing how to read and write clearly. The safety standards that are seen and observed during excavation and trenching have been set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and should be observed by the operator.

Back Hoe Jobs Calgary

In Canada, a back hoe operator is expected to have certifications and a license. The average pay of a back hoe operator per year is $36,000 in Canada. This payment varies according to the company, the provincial requirements, the experience of the operator and the location of the construction work site.