The Work of a Bulldozer Operator In Construction Work


Driving a bulldozer in a construction site is not what someone wakes up and starts doing in Canada. It requires practice- a lot of practice because it is a heavy equipment work. The average wage for bulldozer operators in Canada is C$24.70 per hour. This payment is subject to change over the years; however there is no big increase on the pay after additional skill or experience is gathered. A bulldozer operator has a great career prospects like every other heavy equipment operator in private and public construction. Science, math and vocational courses are required to ensure that an operator work effectively as an operator. There are training programs that are required before one can be an operator of bulldozer. When these training are concluded, it is expected that the person meets a certification standard and then there is need for a driver’s license according to state’s regulations.


There are stages for apprenticeships; the first stage involves looking for a heavy equipment apprenticeship program. This varies from one state to another and it is through unions that you can get through this state. The second stage is when you apply to be accepted into the program and you are able to complete the program under the supervision of an operator who is experienced. Finally, it is expected that you complete up to 2,000 hours of job training that you would be paid and there is a 144 hours that you must complete during your apprenticeship in your coursework yearly.

Bulldozer Operator Jobs Calgary

A bulldozer operator can work in a lot of fields including the military where they are required in large amount. This is the reason why a bulldozer operator is not going to have challenge looking for job in Canada. It has become a work that even the ladies are joining because of how lucrative that the job has become.