The Work of a Crane Operator in Construction Work

When it comes to the operation of a crane, they are used for many different purposes in Canada. The work of a crane operator is vast which is the reason why a person must understand all of the different functions of the machine before operating it. There is the truck mounted crane, the self propelled crane and cranes that engineers can assemble before they work on specific places during construction. There are cranes that are moved from one construction site to another while some are going to be fixed permanently on the site. For a crane operator to work independently, it is expected that the operator has gotten a high school diploma and received some specialized training before he can mount on a crane. The specialized training for a crane operator differs from one province in Canada to another.

It is important that a crane operator check the licensing and qualifications procedures in his province before applying for a particular job. It is expected that the people who want to operate a crane should know different machines and how they can be put into use in areas like manufacturing and construction jobs. A lot of crane operators get more jobs during the summer in Canada rather than in the winter. An operator must be able to work in any type of weather condition and must learn how to sit for a long time.

Crane Operator Jobs Calgary

The Canadian National Occupation Classification code (NOC) has 7371 crane operators. The average wage that is earned in Canada differs, but places like Alberta can pay as much as $32.92 per hour while an annual salary can run up to $62,000.

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