The Role of Earth Works Foreman


The job of a foreman is to make sure that the road or structure that is to be constructed is built correctly according to the specifications. A foreman is expected to understand what the specifications and drawings mean and how they are going to be transformed into real structures. The sizes and measurements that are conducted before the construction work begins is the work of a foreman in Canada. The day in the life of a foreman begins with a construction site meeting for him to talk about planning and the day’s activities. It is after this meeting that the foreman can tell everyone what to do for the day. Targets are recorded by the foreman and he has a vast knowledge of the work and trade that is involved. He is able to solve problems in a short time and reports every detail to the site agent.

Earth Works Foreman Jobs Calgary

The scheduling of construction jobs and the construction workers’ daily activities is determined by a foreman. He coordinates the people, equipment, materials and facilitates the safety of everyone. He ensures that the working condition is conducive for every worker. It is his responsibility to ensure that every job is completed at the end of the day. The qualification that is required for one to be a foreman includes a Grade 12 education minimum or its equivalent. Mathematical literacy and competency is required before one can qualify. The technical qualification of a foreman involves verbal and well written communication, knowledge of civil engineering construction processes, plant and equipment, production control, material control, negotiation skills, read & interpret drawings & programs and ability to move around the country. Education and technical qualifications are very important in this profession to ensure that the employee is knowledgeable and legally allowed to work on site.