The Electrician

An electrician is a person who specializes in the electrical wiring and repair of machines and buildings. On a construction site, electricians are seen installing, repairing and maintaining electrical components. The work of electricians in construction is vast and they are the ones who make sure that the stationary infrastructures have light. They are trained to become apprentice, journeyman, and finally, the master electrician. It takes a lot of hours in a class room and the apprenticeship program can take from three to six years for to attain the three different apprenticeship levels. They are paid during this program.

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The journeymen are Canadian electricians who are through the apprenticeship program and have been considered by the province or the Canadian licensing body to be skilled and competent to work. Those who have completed the master electrician level are known to have practiced from seven to ten years and have exhibited a great degree of skills after passing the National Electrical Code.


An electrician in Canada is trained to deal with any type of electrical problem, and be able to take care of any troubleshooting. On construction sites, they are considered to be important and are not seen at every stage of the construction. They may be seen at the beginning of a construction to take care of the initial wiring and then at the end of the work to either remove temporary wiring or wire permanent structures. The work of electricians is very vital and they do not struggle to get work in the country. They are paid higher per hour and the workforce is huge because they can still take on other jobs aside construction site. An electrician is a very flexible position since they can work in almost any industry. They can find work anywhere they go.