General Labourer Jobs in Calgary

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The General Labourer

The general labourer in construction jobs are trained traditionally or manually as opposed to those who are trained to be skilled in one construction task or another. During the division of labour in a site, the labourers are seen with different tools and in various works. There is no construction work in Canada that does not have great regard for labourers because they are like the car engine of a construction site. The advancement of technology has made it possible for these labourers to be included in different work functions such as pneumatic.

general labour construction jobs calgary

The various jobs that a labourer can do include:

  1. concrete – gunite, grouting, shotcrete, and steel forms
  2. demolition – cutting torch, concrete cutting, pavement breaking,
  3. hazardous waste and environmental remediation
  4. landscaping and fences
  5. hod carrier – plasterers, block masonry and fireproofing
  6. paving – traffic control, white paving formwork, striping, signs
  7. piping – sewer, water pipe and storm drain
  8. tunnels – blasting and drilling
  9. dry utilities – communications conduit and electrical conduit

The functions of labourers do not really fall under Canadian’s workforce’s labour classification. There are other classifications that can be grouped, such as carpenters, masons, heavy equipment operators, teamsters/truck drivers, ironworkers and hod carriers. Labourers are often given jobs that are not wanted by skilled construction workers.

General Labourer Jobs in Calgary

The average payment for a labourer in Canada is C$17.61 per hour. In places like Calgary and Edmonton labour rates are higher and can sometimes reach $25. These people are not experienced and may not have worked for up to 20 years. However, there is an increased demand for this job in Canada. The payment is gradually increasing over the years because of the numerous construction jobs, leaving the project manager no choice but to go for the cheaper labourers.

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