The Health and Safety Advisers


The health and safety advisers ensure that constant safety training and orientation is available the employees, especially the newly recruited ones. He or she is involved in the maintenance, creation and communication of safety related procedures and policies, making sure that the outcome is fully implemented on the construction site. They may be the ones who are responsible for the editing, writing and the update of procedure and policy documents, handbooks and posters on a site. The health and safety adviser is the person who ensures that the construction site is hazard free and the work of this person cannot be neglected in Canada. An injured worker can easily sue if the work environment is not safe. There are a lot of tasks that a health and safety advisers is faced with in a construction site to ensure that there is safety in a work place. The work varies from one company or a work environment to another according to the provinces requirements in Canada. The health and safety advisers are given the responsibility of training every worker on site to stay away from danger and prevent injury during work. There are different safety requirements in Canada that an advisers is expected to observe on a construction site.

Health and Safety Advisers Job Calgary

They inspect the construction sites to ensure that every worker on a site is able to follow procedures and regulations. They are the ones who are seen performing safety inspections at different locations and on equipment that a construction company is using. The payment of a health and safety advisers depends on the province, company, experience of the worker, the location and many other factors. They are one of the highest paid employees on construction sites and it is expected that they are licensed and certified.