The Work of a Heavy Duty Equipment (trucks and construction machines) Technician in a Construction Company


In Canada, the work of a technician is vast, especially in the construction company. A technician is someone who has a variety of techniques and skills when understanding technical and theoretical construction work principles. An experienced technician is expected to understand theory and proficiency when they are compared to the average laymen. There are different jobs that a technician is expected to perform on a construction site. He is expected to be the one who can find solutions to site problems, like in the audio, computer and even mechanical equipment. The technician may not be as effective as an engineer but they are more experienced when it comes to some technicalities that the engineers may not be able to handle in machines.

Heavy Duty Equipment Technician Job Calgary

These construction site technicians may be full time or part time workers. They are seen working in many fields and with a job title that designates them as ‘technicians’ in a particular field. This means that these technicians have a lot of titles depending on the work that they find themselves in. These technicians do not get work if they are not knowledgeable in a particular field that the construction site needs. They are expected to have certification and a license that proves they are skilled and able to work in construction. A technician can earn up to C$15.90 per hour. This rate varies according to province, experience and company size including the requirement of the technician depending on the state or company’s rules. This is why a lot of technicians are going back to school to upgrade.

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