Heavy Duty Mechanic Role in Construction Sites

Heavy duty mechanics are needed in different construction sites because they are responsible for the effective movement of equipment. Without them, it would be difficult for a construction site to run smoothly. Their work varies according to the location, company size and work available. They are expected to work with little or no supervision while taking care of mechanical faults that may develop during construction. Heavy duty mechanics in Canada are respected and have become one of the pillars who ensure that construction is going smooth no matter the type of construction work involved.


The exact duties and job titles in this career vary, such as a tractor mechanic, heavy mobile logging equipment mechanic, locomotive mechanic, diesel mechanic and heavy-duty equipment mechanic. There have been indications that a lot of job seekers will hunt for this job in the near future. In places like Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Quebec and Alberta, the employment prospect for heavy duty mechanics is expected to be good. Heavy equipment is those heavy duty machines that have been designed to execute construction purposes.? A mechanic takes care of these machines and is expected to have certification from a recognized school.

Heavy Duty Mechanic Jobs in Calgary

In Canada, 7312 is the National Occupation Classification code (NOC) for heavy duty mechanic. The work of a mechanic who takes care of heavy duty machines involves inspecting heavy equipment such as the cranes, graders and bulldozers. He is responsible for diagnosing malfunctions in any heavy duty machine and repairs them when needed. The full time average hourly wage rate for the people involved in this career is $26.69 and the full-time annual salary is an average of $53,000.