The Pipe-layers on Construction Sites


The pipe-layers in Canada are responsible for laying pipe for sanitation sewers, drains, water and storm mains. They are responsible for the taking care of any type of pipe work that may be in combination with different tasks like the seal joints, position pipe, grade culverts or trenches. The job of pipe-layers involves: checking of slopes with lasers or levels for conformance to the construction requirements, covering pipes with materials, connecting and sealing pipe joints with glue, cement or welding equipment, cutting pipes to an expected length, installing sewer structures, making use of transit levels, grad rods or lasers, laying out pipe routes as they follow blueprints with supervisors, aligning and positioning of pipes to get them ready for sealing or welding, digging trenches and making use of mechanized equipment such as rollers, trucks, dump trucks, tandem, backhoes and many more.


The pipe-layers can install countless pipes at any site. There are apprenticeship programs that a pipe-layer can get involved with to understand what to do for any work at a site. These programs can feature a combination of classroom instruction and on-site training where the worker can be trained effectively and able to carry out any pipe-laying work. There is a prerequisite of a high school diploma or its equivalent with mathematics as a coursework. There are other requirements such as certification or licensing that would show that the person is capable of the task at a site. The pipe-layer is expected to understand wastewater collection, water distribution systems, plumbing codes, materials estimations and blueprint reading.

Pipe-layers in Calgary

The salary of pipe-layers in Calgary ranges from $22,000-$62,500. This is determined by a lot of factors, such as experience and what the company is willing to pay per hour.