The Construction Project Manager


A construction project manager on site is believed to be a professional in the area of project management. It is the responsibility of a construction project manager to plan, execute and close a project that is related to construction. The manager is the person who is expected to help the company in bringing out the best in the workers with clear and easy understanding of the plan on site. The major project management role is to make every job attainable in a project, manage limitations and tackle project requirements. Some limitations of a construction site can be quality, scope, cost and time which is what a manager should be able to handle effectively.


A construction project manager is the person who represents a construction company and would have to implement and determine the exact needs of a construction client. This would be based on the knowledge and understanding of the company that they’re representing in Canada. He or she is the bridge between a client and the construction team. There is a need to have good knowledge of the construction company that the manager is working to make sure that he or she does not have difficulty in describing the construction company well.

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A construction project manager is responsible for ensuring that everything is conducted in a manner so revenue loss is curbed, profit is maximized and work is effective. There is no type of construction work that a manager is not involved. It is the responsibility of the manager to oversee every aspect of construction. This position requires that the manager has a degree and this may be an engineering degree. Some construction companies expect years of experience before they can employ this manger. The average salary of a manager can be more than $84,000 and the salary varies according to provinces.