The Role of Rock Truck Drivers on Construction Sites


Rock truck drivers are in high demand on a construction sites in Canada. The work of a rock truck driver is to operate trucks in an effective and safe manner. The rock truck driver operates trucks that are fully built with dump body that would be transported and then dump the loose materials that it is carrying such as crushed rock, gravel and sand. He turns the crank to tilt the machine body and get the contents dumped. This driver can be called any time by a construction site to operate any equipment or handle any driving function that the company may see as necessary for them to move. The expectation of a rock truck driver can be stringent and they are expected to behave in a professional manner while working. In some provinces, the wages depend on qualifications and experience.


The major responsibility of a rock truck driver is to make sure that the cargo has been moved safely. He oversees the condition of the heavy machines being driven, inspect the brakes, lights and tires, clean, refill tanks and lubrication. He is expected to report any preventive maintenance to the shop foreman or the supervisor.

Rock Truck Driver Jobs Calgary

The ability to write and read daily records is important. Experience is always asked for in any construction work in Canada and the driver should have a valid driving license to prove that he is good at what he does. The salary of a rock truck driver varies according to the location, company structure, experience, hours and more, depending on what the state or company is offering to their drivers. The average hourly rate in some provinces in Canada begins from $16.00 to $28.00 hourly and this is for 50 hours per week. The work is in high demand which makes it a very exciting job to do.