The Work of a Roofer in Canada


A roofer can be called a roof mechanic, who is a construction worker who specialized in roof construction. The job details of a roofer are: to inspect the problems on a roof, determine how to repair them, measure the roof to make calculations for the quantities of materials needed, replace rotting or damaged plywood, make installation of layers of shingles, metal, asphalt and other materials, align the roofing materials and even cover expose screw heads to stop leakage. It is expected that a roofer should have very good knowledge in carpentry.

There are different types of roofers who work in Canada. The first is the shinglers, who are responsible for the installation of tiles, shakes, shingles and other types of materials. The metal roofers are the ones who concentrate on the metal panels. There are the flat roofers who are responsible for the taking care of foam roofs. Finally, there is hot roofers who take care of any tar based material. In Canada, the exact duties and job titles vary in the occupation, which gives the roofers names such as gravel roofer, single-ply roofer, tar and roof tiller and shingler. Roofer jobs in Calgary can earn up to at $29.61 per hour. In a year, roofers can earn up to $50,000 per year depending on the region that the person is working.

Roofer Jobs in Calgary

The training of the job involves an experienced worker teaching the new worker how to handle machines, equipment, roofing tools and materials. The apprenticeship period can last for three years before the person can be certified to work with little or no supervision. The minimum age for a roofer is 18 and it is expected that this person have a high school diploma or its equivalent and be able to work physically.

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