Scraper Operator Job Description and Salary in Canada


A scraper operator is an important person on any construction site in Canada. He is involved in the operating of self-propelled or tractor drawn scrapers to haul, move and grade the ground on any construction work site. This may involve water reservoirs, ditch banks and roadbeds. The person can move the levers, switches and the pedals to ensure that there is maximum control while gates are loaded on to buckets, to handle the depth of cut, close or lift a filled bucket that is required for hauling, and to dump or spread earth. In Canada, the salary of a scraper operator varies according to provinces, years of experience, company size, level of education and the industry. A scraper operator can earn less than $41, 345/year.

Scraper Operator Jobs in Calgary

A scraper operator is trained to handle tractors that would do jobs such as leveling, gouging and even the distribution of earth during construction. This person makes sure that the land is well prepared for the construction of buildings and roads. The educational qualification of a scraper operator requires that the person have a high school diploma or its equivalent. It is mandatory that the person has completed a Canadian apprenticeship or even had former training in the field with at least two to four years of experience in the field or in a related field. The operator should be familiar with procedures, practices, and standard concepts to ensure no doubt in that field. The person is expected to rely on experience and have good judgment in accomplishing a company’s goals and also perform tasks without breaking down. A certain level of creativity is needed for a scraper operator to the work without supervision. In Canada, there are a large of number of people who are training to become scraper operators.

The video below is a CAT 657 Scraper Cushion Hitch replacement that took three days but was compressed to a one minute segment.