The Sheet Metal Worker


In Canada, sheet metal workers are trained to be diverse and skillful. A union sheet metal worker is expected to work with other construction workers in building or constructing industrial, residential and commercial buildings. They make use of rain gutters, sheet metal, siding, heating and air conditioning duct and ventilation systems. A sheet metal worker assists in the development of construction facilities on a site. The person must be able to read plans, work with fiberglass and plastic materials, and determine the type of materials that would be used for a project.

Sheet Metal Worker Jobs Calgary

Sheet metal workers are trained to handle the testing, adjusting and balancing of any type of mechanical system and then service them. They can easily create a three dimensional drawing that can be fully integrated into Building Information Modeling (BIM). They can also weld material on a site. The average pay for a sheet metal worker in Canada is C$27.25 per hour. This amount can quickly increase over the years according to experience, certification and skills. They are going to pass through an apprenticeship program, possess a high school diploma or its equivalent, and combining this with a degree would help majorly increase one’s salary. In Canada, a sheet metal worker has good job prospects because there are not a lot of people who are precise and able to do this type of work. They are trained to avoid pitfalls during the construction of any structure. This is the reason why the unions are in charge of their employment and certification ensure that they allow those who are certified and experienced to work in that region. Examinations are taken and they must be passed before one can be called a qualified sheet metal worker in Canada. Certification and qualifications are very important to ensure the individual knows the proper work procedures.