The Construction Site Superintendent


The construction site superintendent in Canada has a role of making sure that day-to-day construction operations are taken care of.? The superintendent is involved in the quality control and the subcontracting work on a site. Mostly, the financial aspect of the work which includes the material cost and labor cost control can be taken care of by a project manager. This is the reason why the construction site superintendent and project manager work hand in hand to ensure that everything is effectively controlled.? At the construction site, the superintendent is most seen outside while the project manager is stationed at the office. This is the difference between the two of them.


A superintendent is mostly supported by a number of personnel at the construction sites, like the project engineer who has been employed by the company but answers to the superintendent. When it comes to huge projects that exceed $100 million, more than one superintendent would be involved. These superintendents can be grouped in tiers such as the super-structure superintendents, program superintendent, MEPF (mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection) superintendents, craft/trade superintendents, interior superintendents and assistant superintendents.

Site Superintendent Jobs Calgary

A construction superintendent is responsible for the completion and overall coordination of any construction work.? The number of hours that a superintendent works is what would determine his salary. The pay scale of a construction superintendent in Canada is on average C$88,208 per year. A construction superintendent is very important on a construction site because he/she is the one responsible for the work schedule and any construction work. It is important that a superintendent have vast experience and knowledge of different tasks that would be given to him during a construction job. The prospect of doing this work in Canada is very good and a lot of sites are in need of superintendents for their construction jobs.

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