The Construction Welder


A welder in Canada is specialized in welding different materials together. The materials that can be welded include brass, stainless, steel, aluminum and lots more. A welder is expected to be good in paying attention to details and making sure that every job done is excellent. There are requirements that vary from one region to another in Canada for a welder to operate. A high school diploma or its equivalent is expected and there should be an apprenticeship program for successful certification. A welder can earn an average wage of C$22.71 per hour. A person who has this job can move to a higher post after about twenty years of experience.


Welders can also operate forklifts, power hoists and aerial lifts. Welders are the ones who finish the construction of buildings when they erect window wall systems and curtain wall systems, stairs, pre-caste concrete, handrails, sheeting, metal doors and elevator fronts. They vary in duty from place, experience and skills such as reinforcing iron-worker, structural metal erector, rod-worker, ornamental iron-worker and iron-worker. In Canada, welders are a vital part of every construction site. They are talented and are seen doing a lot of things on a construction site, which makes them highly respected.

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Becoming a welder includes an apprenticeship program that would take a learner from one stage all the way to a certified iron-worker with license. It may be difficult for an iron-worker without a proper accreditation to work on any site in Canada because of the sensitive of the job. They are able to read every engineering drawing perfectly and construct structures that are solid and would meet the local standard. They are seen working hand in hand with other construction workers to ensure that the construction is smooth.